Day book

“Memory….. Is the diary that we all carry about with us!”

     Whenever I hear the word ‘DIARY‘, my mind is filled with a quote”Wake up with the determination and sleep with the satisfaction “.This is the blog where i need to tell how i got inspired in writing diary. Some people may feel bored in writing the day book. once i too felt bored in writing. In my mind I questioned myself why people are doing these rubbish things by writing these things in diary? what makes them happy ?

I got an answer, after doing the same rubbish .Ya! while am in my primary education i had a prose related to diary, in which we are all supposed to start writing diary,ordered by my tutor.Initially started with a very bad mindset.To be open, I did that only for a day and that too done in an urge. And i ever thought of writing diary till my +2.

While cleaning my room, i got that old torn, yellowish day book paper. when i red that paper, i got some inner happiness which i didn’t get from any of the things.I realized, though i wrote that entry in urge, it gave me some pleasant feeling.If i did the same with interest, am damn sure it will add up some more.I begin the habit of entering my special occasion into it.

I am not Ms.Perfect. I too skip writing diary some days.But whenever I feel depressed or oppressed or suppressed my diary is my soul mate. And I didn’t failed to share my golden memories too.My diary is something closed to my heart.Most important thing is that you should maintain Privacy which indirectly provides you a confidentiality and free to express your feelings!

You people may feel that i am blabbering! But when you are experiencing the happiness while reading the old entries you definitely thumbs up!

And finally, Memory Never Fades!!